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Most people know of only two reasons to purchase a remote Starters – to get your car warm in winter or cool in the summer.

Jumping into a cold car can be miserable. You do not want to freeze while you wait for your car to warm up as you’re driving. Just turning on the heaters while the car is still freezing will fog up the windows as you’re driving, which is an obvious safety issue. Wearing gloves while driving can cause further safety concerns if your hands slip on the freezing wheel, or your gloves are too bulky to steer properly. The bulk of customers residing in the northern climates who purchase a remote car starter do so for this feature alone.

Precooling your car in the summer so that you do not have to sit on a hot seat or hold a burning steering wheel while driving may be just as important – especially in areas that hit the triple digits.


Remote Start

Remote Start + Security System


Connects your Arctic Start remote start or security system to your smartphone. Service plan required.

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Did you know that there are more valid reasons to purchase a remote car starter? In fact, a remote car starter can improve the value of the car and its longevity.

Good for the Engine
Driving on a cold engine damages the motor since the oil is cold and not providing proper lubrication. This is especially true of older model vehicles. To protect that classic car you value so highly, consider purchasing a remote car starter to avoid damage to your investment.

Improved Security
Built-in to your remote start system is a security feature that prevents car thieves from making off with your remote-started vehicle without the ignition key, if your model doesn’t already have this feature. If a thief does attempt to leave without the key in the ignition, the car will simply stop running. Another handy feature is a GPS location device that can be added to your remote car starter module.

Download the associated app and turn on location monitoring. If a thief does happen to make off with your vehicle because they somehow managed to obtain the ignition key, you can monitor where the car is and inform the police.

Improved Safety
Setting the defrost beforehand will help clear snow and ice as the car warms up before you drive.

If the snow and ice was thick, it will be much easier to clear your windows before you drive, saving you valuable time and ensuring a safer commute. For the same reason, you will not have to wait around outside your car for very long.

In some areas, this can be an important advantage, as would-be it does not allow them to steal your car through physical means. You can even purchase an alarm system that can be activated by your remote starter’s key fob or your cell phone app, scaring off anyone with criminal intentions.

Now that you know what hidden benefits come with purchasing a remote car starter, call or stop in to discuss how we can help make your life safer and more convenient. Call North Idaho’s top car accessory dealer to learn how a remote start can improve your life and the life of your vehicle.

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