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Please note that offers cannot be combined with any other offers, except for consumer rebates. To take advantage of these specials, they must be mentioned before any work is initiated. This policy ensures that we can provide you with the best possible service and savings. Thank you for your understanding.


Free Install on SmartCaps Truck Canopies

Purchase a SmartCap and enjoy FREE installation. Seize this opportunity to upgrade your truck with our advanced SmartCaps Truck Canopies, perfectly designed for the outdoor enthusiast or construction worker. Don’t let this deal pass you by! Learn more…

Offer ends April 30, 2024

FREE visor strip with full vehicle tint

Maximize your vehicle’s style and comfort with our exclusive offer! For a limited time, receive one FREE visor strip with every purchase of a full vehicle tint in our Ceramic IR film series. Not only will your car look sleeker, but it will also enjoy enhanced protection from the sun’s glare and heat. Elevate your driving experience with added privacy and UV protection, all while taking advantage of this fantastic deal.

Offer ends April 30, 2024

Get 50% off a new set of wiper blades

Get 50% off a new set of wiper blades with every purchase of a new windshield. Ensure clear vision and enhanced safety for your journeys ahead with this perfect pairing. Your new windshield will provide the clarity and protection you need, while the discounted wiper blades will guarantee you’re prepared for any weather. 

Offer ends April 30, 2024

$250 Rebate When You Purchase A Fab Fours Rack System

Fab Fours Consumer Rebate:
Unlock an amazing deal with the Fab Fours Consumer Rebate! For a limited time, enjoy a $250 USD rebate when you purchase a Fab Fours Rack System. Elevate your vehicle’s utility and style with our top-tier rack system, designed for the adventurous spirit in you. Whether you’re gearing up for off-road adventures or need extra space for your gear, our rack system is the perfect upgrade.

Offer ends April 30, 2024

Up To $200 Rebate On ZEON Winches

WARN Consumer Rebate:
Gear up for adventure with WARN and enjoy up to $200 USD off on ZEON Winches! WARN is proud to offer a generous rebate on their trusted and powerful ZEON winches for a limited time. Known for their durability, reliability, and performance, ZEON winches are the perfect companion for off-roaders and adventurers. Whether you’re tackling tough terrain or need dependable recovery options, WARN has you covered. 

Offer ends May 31, 2024

Up To $150 Rebate On Qualifying Air Spring Kits & Control Systems

Air Lift Consumer Rebate:
Elevate your ride with Air Lift and save up to $150 USD! For a limited time, receive a substantial rebate on qualifying Air Spring Kits and Control Systems. Designed to provide superior ride comfort and load handling capabilities, Air Lift products are perfect for those seeking both performance and value. Take advantage of this offer and make your vehicle ride smoother, safer, and more responsive.

Offer ends June 30, 2024

Up To $225 Rebate On Select A.R.E Caps, Covers & Accessories

A.R.E. Consumer Rebate:
Maximize your vehicle’s functionality and style with A.R.E. and get up to $225 USD back! A.R.E. is offering a fantastic rebate on select caps, covers, and accessories for a limited time. Whether you’re looking to enhance your truck’s storage capabilities or improve its aesthetics, A.R.E. has you covered. This is your opportunity to invest in high-quality, durable products that meet your needs while enjoying significant savings. 

Offer ends June 30, 2024

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